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TPAdvice is a response to the increased transfer pricing controversies, which brings the need of providing a full range of transfer pricing services including tax planning, intangible valuation and litigation support expertise to local and multinational economic groups.

Because we are a firm of unbiased economic practitioners, many of the leading law and accounting firms have also engaged us to create valuable and sustainable solutions for their multinational corporate clients and as experts in litigation and arbitration.

At TPAdvice, you can count on a multidisciplinary team of experts providing strategic transfer pricing advice that turns issues into opportunities to simultaneously protect against double taxation, align inter-company pricing with business strategy  and ultimately support corporate development.

Our Transfer Pricing Specialists have extensive experience in : taxes, which allows them to identify contingencies Tax Order


Provide expert advice on Transfer pricing, tax  planning and valuation services, with an emphasis on solutions that reduce controversies with Tax Administrations.


Become strategic partners of our national and international clients through the provision of expert advice on transfer pricing, tax  planning and valuation services, with the assistance of a multidisciplinary team of highly trained professionals  committed to our clients.


  • Specialization
  • Independence
  • Commitment
  • Results


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It is recommended that companies seek advice. Transfer pricing teams must have economists, administrators or specialized accountants.

Hugo Pineda
International Analyst, , Peru